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   When I started out as a writing tutor six years ago, I had a master’s degree in writing, a love of language and an enthusiastic, almost evangelical, energy about the subject. Instinctively, I knew how important writing is to a child’s future. After all, even the most brilliant scientist needs to be able to communicate his/her ideas. In addition, … Read More

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On today’s Instagram, I posted a writing prompt to write a sentence that contained a simile for one single rose. Then, I remembered the Dorothy Parker poem, “One Perfect Rose.” It’s full of poetic imagery, metaphor, personification and that famous Dorothy Parker snark. By the end, it’s clear that she is less than thrilled with her one perfect rose. After … Read More


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YOUR SECOND BRAIN I’m going to go with my gut for this week’s Idiom of the Week. Does that mean: A: I’m going to take my belly to the movies. B: I’m going to do a lot of sit ups. C: I’m going to trust that feeling I have in the pit of my stomach. D: I’m going to string … Read More