Join the Club!

Adventures in Creative Writing is a weekly drop-in club where young authors gather to explore the craft of creative writing and share their work in a supportive and encouraging environment.  Each week, we do a deep dive into one aspect of creative writing.  Topics include descriptive writing, exploding the moment, anthropomorphism, and more.  We write, we giggle, and we share.  Come join the club on Outschool.

STORY MOUNTAIN: From Blank Page to Author

In this creative writing class, students will be guided, step-by-step, to write a complete short story.

Figurative Language is a Piece of Cake

Onomata…what?  Learn about the elements of figurative language and how they make writing so much fun!  This is a one time class.

Baseball Writing Prompts

Writing prompts should make kids want to write!  Variety is key to keeping the team focused. 

When your kid previously would throw temper tantrums, saying he hated writing, and now comes running into your room proclaiming “that was the best camp ever, I love writing.  It’s so much fun.”  I don’t even know what to say except thank you, thank you, thank you.

David S.

My 10 year old daughter loves this class.  She looks forward to it every week!

Stephanie J.

Hard to say enough good things about this class.  We’ve been entirely hands-off largely because we have a very reluctant writer on our hands and during this quarantine time, getting him to sit down and write has been fairly traumatic.  Wow!  Not only has he enjoyed this class, his output is amazing.  We might have a writer after all.  Thank you so much Jennifer for bringing out the best in him.

David S.

Exceptional teacher, class, and students.  Teacher was very prompt, organized, and took command of the class well.  My daughter is, was very reluctant to write.  However, by the last day of the class she was excited to share her stories.  Thank you, Ms. Woolf. 

Bella L.

My boys loved the class!  Both were excited to tell me how much fun the class was.  Thank you Jennifer for making the boys’ first Outschool class a big success.