My mission is for every child, everywhere to realize how much fun writing can be. Writing is more than learning a skill. It’s about learning to communicate and playing with words to find your own unique voice. I am equal parts cheerleader and tutor.



  • Jenn conducts creative writing workshops for grades K-8.  Workshops delve into the nitty gritty of character, plot and setting.  Heads will spin and  pencils will fly!

  • Jenn honestly thinks that ONOMATOPOEIA is the best word ever, but HYPERBOLE is a close second.  Let Jenn tailor a figurative language workshop for your students.


  • Jenn is available to speak to Parent Associations on how to foster a love of language and writing.

  • Writing skills are more important than ever before.  Should my child learn cursive?  “Help, my child only writes in Textese!”


  • Jenn conducts workshops on creative writing, figurative language and nature writing.

  • Contact Jenn for information on writing groups and online learning opportunities.

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