Discover the secret to making writing fun for your kids.  It’s all here, in this easy-to-use guide. This collection of prompts is specifically designed to encourage reluctant writers and to challenge enthusiastic writers.  

Prompts include figurative language, creative writing, picture prompts, and general writing fun.  Sign up below for the free KEEPING IT FUN PDF.

Dozens of Prompts

You can never have too many writing prompts!  

Sometimes when we sit down to write, we end up staring at a blank page.  Or, maybe that’s just me!    One of my favorite tricks is to simply start writing, “blah, blah, blah.”  It might take a few minutes, but eventually, the brain takes over and real words start to appear on the paper.  

The other strategy is to use a prompt to get started.  I have baseball prompts, creative writing prompts, summer-themed prompts and more.  If I don’t already have the theme you’re looking for, we’ll create a collection together!


Creative Writing

Creative writing encourages kids to use both sides of their brains.  Creativity and logic work side by side. Plus, creating characters is fun!

Essay Prompts

Whether it’s describing the feeling of sand between your toes or giving instruction on how to eat an ice cream cone, summer prompts are the best.

Picture Prompts

What’s going on this picture?  Writers need excellent powers of observation and picture prompts provide a great way to practice.

Figurative Language

How hot is it. Can you really fry an egg on the sidewalk?  Figurative language gives us the perfect tools to make summer come alive on paper!

“Jenn has the perfect combination of skill, inspiration and compassion.  My son never wanted to write more than a couple of words, and now he’s a creative thinker who has the skills to articulate his ideas in writing.”


I can't wait to see you on the other side!

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