Piece of Cake

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And the award for best idiom in a motion picture goes to……PIECE OF CAKE. Here in Los Angeles, traffic alerts are already being issued and roads are starting to close in preparation for Sunday’s Academy Awards show. It started me thinking that there should be an award for best use of idiom in a motion picture, or maybe, best use … Read More


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Welcome to the Idiom of the Week. Every week, I’m going to explain an idiom and include a writing prompt. An idiom is an expression whose meaning is different than the actual meaning of the words. Idioms are what bring language to life, so without further adieu, here’s the very first Idiom of the Week. Have you ever wanted to … Read More


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    Here’s a little figurative language motivation to get everybody through the weekend. I have a huge soft spot for motivational sayings and posters, so I thought it would be fun to combine that with figurative language. Have a good weekend and keep on hyperbolizing. Jenn  

The Best Advice Ever

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Whether children are in a school that ability groups or not, they are sure to compare themselves to their peers.  Unfortunately, so are their parents.  Given that our human nature is naturally competitive, I thought this would be a good time of year to share a piece of advice that has stayed with me through the years. The principal of … Read More

Hyperbole: Three Fun Ways to Teach the Art of Exaggeration

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Writers have many tools at their fingertips. Hyperbole is one of my favorites. It is an exaggeration meant to make a point in a figurative and imaginative way. Used correctly, it can add a comedic element and make your writing come alive. Consider which is more interesting to read: George is hungry. George is hungry! George is so hungry he … Read More

So Many Choices: Using A Thesaurus To Pick The Perfect One

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There are hundreds of thousands of words in the English language, many derived from Latin and Greek, but many have evolved or even been invented over time. For example, “Google” is now a verb in the dictionary. Each word has its own special meaning and purpose. By choosing just the right one, you can make your writing come alive and … Read More